Terms of sale


This contract provision of services or sale of product, is underwritten by Cicera Seoto Ramos in charge of the company SAÉVID, established in Camino de la Escuela, 8 Nave 19B, 33390 La Pedrera, Gijón (Asturias) Spain and provided with NIF no. 58464818Z. VENDOR onwards.

And, secondly, by the user or the registered user whose personal data are those that have been appropriated by it in the order form or registration form, respectively available in the URL www .saevid.com All data included in the aforementioned form have been introduced directly, so that the responsibility for the authenticity of these corresponds directly and exclusively, to the user, or, if they opt for a phone order, email or any other person or entity whom or transmit on their own behalf or by proxy, streaming media to which apply the general conditions. PURCHASER onwards. The company declare that the data will be automatically processed with prior express consent and in compliance with the requirements of the Organic Data Protection Act 15/99 of December 13.

The supply of personal data and the purchase of products through our web requires a minimum age of 18 years, or, as the case may be, the minimum age established by the applicable data protection regulations and/or sufficient legal capacity to contract.


The PURCHASER understands that the information contained in the URL, in reference to the specifications and descriptions of the service to be acquired, and the general conditions of recruitment and development contract are enough and sufficient to exclude any error in training consent. However, the VENDOR undertakes to inform the purchaser any other specification or description of the service to be acquired, and legal information concerning the contractual relationship, at first request by any verifiable means; that as long as they are available to the first. The request for information does not exclude any liability of the seller regarding the descriptive information or product use.


This contract for the provision of services or sale, as appropriate, seeks the service or product selected by the buyer from all offered by the VENDOR through its online store www.saevid.com. The characteristics of the product or service item for sale are listed as a description of it, except for an error in the corresponding web, and are identified by the VENDOR. The company ensures that all these services or products meet the requirements imposed by the applicable regulations for marketing and advertising the Spanish Law. The technical features of the products as well as operating and installation instructions are available on this Web, and in any case can be requested by email info@saevid.com.


The purchase price of the service or product is specified on the web, by the selected service or product. According to the detected geographical origin and the shipping address the amount of the shipping charges will be calculated. Prices are displayed with taxes included that are applicable, transport costs will be charged to the buyer and automatically calculated according to the delivery address. The order will be shipped by the carrier chosen by the PURCHASER during the process. Loss or damage to the goods occurred during shipment will be borne by the buyer. The final amount of the order is the sum of the tax base, VAT and applicable taxes and transport costs. The PURCHASER expressly states that he has read it, has understood and is in full conformity with its content.


The final amount of the service or product, shall be paid by the PURCHASER by any of the means of payment authorized by the VENDOR and they are: .

  • Payment by credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Citicorp).
  • Bank wire.
  • PayPal. 
  • Cash on delivery

Once you received and verified payment will start from the processing SELLING PART the service or product delivery. After receiving the corresponding payment service, the VENDOR shall issue the invoice will be available once the PURCHASER have logged into your account with the email and password. The invoice can be downloaded in PDF format. The PURCHASER may also request the printed paper invoice and will be mailed to the same address delivery.


Shipping costs: At the time of purchase and informing the customer in the pre-order confirmation time, the system automatically calculated based on the weight of the order and the target population the amount of handling to transport our agencies . Therefore the client does not have to pay any amount to the agency at the time of delivery of the goods, shipping is prepaid. In case you opt for the shipping method "COD" will add € 4 on the order amount derived from management fees refund. This amount is automatically added to the total amount of postage. The Selling Party reserves the right to request, in orders over 300 Euros in the form of cash on delivery, an amount that will not exceed 10% of the total. Time of departure of the goods: The requested goods leave our warehouses within a maximum period of 24 hours in the case of goods in stock, 48 hours maximum for color models and a maximum of seven days in custom models, not counting as working Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, as well as the holiday period. It is important to remember that, in the case of transfers, this period begins upon receipt of the amount of purchase, or transfer receipt, if any. Delivery from out himself depends on the target area of ??the freight and is subject to any impacts on the functioning of the same or delivery (absences, etc ...) that are beyond our control. In case of delays in receiving the customer you can contact us for details of the expedition. With the acceptance of the purchase the buyer accepts the agency designated for shipment by the seller. Delivery times are always approximate and not empowering the purchaser a delay in delivery to refuse to post or to request liability of any kind by the circumstances. See "Shipping" for more information on shipping times and carriers available. Always inspect the package or packages at the time of delivery by the agency. If problems consign at the time of signing the Air Waybill is detected. Otherwise no further complaints will be admitted later if it has not been reported on the receipt. The customer agrees to allow the extent possible normal order delivery. They will be at the customer's delivery charges arising from the failure to deliver on repeated absences or repeated inability to contact the same, give an incorrect or facilitate following the departure of the goods an address different shipping address to that provided in the time of order. Non-payment of such costs can mean the reserve acceptance of any additional orders.


The period of validity of the prices and offers will be for as long as the offer is published on www.saevid.com.


THE SELLER guarantees the good quality and condition of SAÉVID products. In case of manufacturing defect clearly demonstrated by the purchaser and / or verified by the seller, the seller's liability and warranty is limited to replacement by other identical products or refund the price of the same, without any other form of damages or compensation. The buyer has a period of 20 calendar days to return the product if you are not satisfied with the purchase. In any case, the return must be accompanied by proof of purchase as a condition for its acceptance. Shipping costs of returning the product shall be borne by the buyer, unless conclusively proven manufacturing defect.


For the possible payment by credit card VENDOR agrees to the full card details are exclusively processed in a secure PayPal server and never VENDOR have access to the full details of your credit card They travel through the network encrypted and safely. Both parties expressly agree to the conservation of all information exchanged between them, either through URL VENDOR, or via e-mail, as evidence of transactions made. The VENDOR guarantees that the personal data PURCHASER entered in the registration form and in the order form, will only be used for the execution of this contract. Similarly, and only if the PURCHASER has given their consent, they will be processed automatically, for purposes that emerge directly from the contractual relationship with VENDOR, and that the limits resulting from the contracted. Likewise, and with the consent of the PURCHASER the same may be subject to use for sending customer information VENDOR. In any case, the PURCHASER may apply at any time to VENDOR order to access, modify or cancel the data provided, you can run the option concerned by sending an email to the address: info@saevid.com.


These general conditions of contract will become part of the contract at the time of acceptance of the same, which will be verified by clicking on the appropriate button. In the case of electronic contracting, both parties waive conventional signature, which will be replaced by a reference to the contract with the general conditions in the terms of Article 5 LCGC, the PURCHASER The referral will take place at the time of the contract to provide services, ie, in an immediate post-payment by the PURCHASER time. From that moment the contract to provide services are deemed valid and perfected.


Both parties expressly state that the acceptance of these general conditions of contract by the PURCHASER is performed by pressing the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen on which the final request for the order listed and access to the abovementioned general conditions, the customer declares to have read and accepted. Similarly, the mere fact of placing the order by the PURCHASER by other means such as telephone or Email supposed integrates and expresses acceptance of these terms freely available on the website of the VENDOR, and therefore with possibility of prior knowledge to the order. These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, which applies in relation to its validity, interpretation, performance and compliance. All disputes, claims and controversies regarding the foregoing shall be settled by arbitration of law in accordance with the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration GIJÓN whose rules will be submitted. Such award will consist of three arbitrators appointed in accordance with those rules. If arbitration is not conducted by mutual agreement or is declared void, both parties submit to the Courts of the city of Gijon, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if different. The User declares to have read, understood and accepted these Terms in its entirety.