Saddle with prostate hole. Weight, aesthetics and comfort from another world ;-)

  • S1.2

    S1.2 (gloss)

    Our top seller saddle. Anatomic, versatile, strong and durable.

  • S2

    S2 (matte)

    Same as S1.2 but with prostatic hole.

  • SCR


    Our lighter saddle, 62 grams, no more, no less.

  • S1.2 CURVE

    S1.2 CURVE

    Available in 7 diferent colors

  • S1.2 CROSS

    S1.2 CROSS

    Available in 7 diferent colors

  • S2 CURVE

    S2 CURVE

    Available in 7 diferent colors

Satisfaction guaranteed

We know from experience that our saddles are comfortable for the majority of cyclists. Try it for 20 days and if you are not satisfied, refund your money. Check the warranty section for details. 

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You can pay by bank transfer, PayPal (credit or debit card) or cash on delivery (only for some countries).

Warranty and quality

Our saddles have a proven quality and reliability, but if something goes wrong we offer 2 years warranty from date of purchase.


Unbeatable price, from € 149.50 (tax included), you will not find anything similar in weight, quality and comfort for less than double. 


You'd think the box is empty when you deliver the package.
78-82 grams per S1.2 and S2 model
79-83 grams ALIEN model
62 grams SCR model 


The standard model is fine, but if you want a little color you can choose from 7 different. Something more exclusive? Take a look at this...